General Sessions

Inspiring & Informative Presentations

Start each day of the conference with hundreds of your peers as they gather to hear insights and get the most up-to-date information on issues affecting our industry. You’ll learn about wellness programs other agencies have implemented and how they faced the challenges presented by COVID-19. And you’ll be inspired by our featured speakers and reconnect that selfless, caring attitude that drew many of us to this industry.

Keynote Session
The Kindness Diaries

In this poignant presentation, Leon Logothetis will cover his incredible journey around the world relying solely on the kindness of others. What these good Samaritans didn’t know is the people that gave from their hearts were given life-changing gifts. From sending a homeless man back to school, to building a house for an HIV diagnosed mom in Cambodia, these gifts were his way of giving back. His lively presentation will inspire you to recognize your full potential and think of new ways to give back. Leon will discuss his long trek out of the corporate world and into the life he was always meant to live.

Real. Raw. Rewarding. Leon’s speech is sure to leave members refreshed and ready to change the world.

Leon Logothetis is a TV host, producer, author, traveler, and all-around good guy. Formerly a London broker, he gave up his comfortable life to travel and find a real human connection.

Opening General Session
Washington Update

NAHC President William A. Dombi will offer a State of the Union address reflecting on the current status of home care and hospice along with a prognosis of the future. As part of that discussion, he will address expanded and improved member service and value through advocacy, education, and support. This is an in-depth and specialized expert briefing from a D.C. insider you cannot get anywhere else.

Leading and Working with an Inclusive Lens

Is your organization’s diversity climate inclusive or exclusive? Welcoming or unwelcoming? Healthy or unhealthy? It is imperative that leaders, managers, and frontline employees learn how to work effectively across ALL dimensions of diversity. Organizational communication, cooperation, and collaboration increases when employees feel safe, respected, and valued.

Leading and Working with an Inclusive Lens prepares leaders and employees at all levels to create a culture of belonging. When employees feel like their diversity matters, workplace creativity, ingenuity, and innovation increase exponentially. In this engaging and informative presentation, Dr. Jermaine Davis will equip leaders and frontline employees with practical tips on how to cultivate an inclusive work environment so EVERYONE can thrive and succeed.

General Session
Industry Panel on Wellness and the Response to COVID-19

NAHC Executive Vice President Andrea Devoti will lead a panel discussion with agency leaders and HR specialists as they discuss innovative wellness programming on any budget and how COVID-19 forced agencies everywhere to re-imagine wellness and the safety of their staff.