Conference Theme

Exploring Our Health

The 2020 Home Care and Hospice Conference and Expo, October 19-21, will explore the theme of “Our Health: Caring for Caregivers.”

Health care professionals, including home care and hospice workers, face daily stress, time pressures, and workloads that in turn lead to deteriorating health and general wellness. Burnout among healthcare professions, the brick wall where our mind and our bodies refuse to go on, is on the rise, especially as we continue to face a public health emergency.

During the 2020 Home Care and Hospice Conference and Expo in October, we’ll focus on our own personal wellness and the effect it has on others, especially those who depend on us at work and at home. 

  • Over 32% of those who work in healthcare are clinically obese. Healthcare workers have very poor diets and fail to get adequate physical activity. Health care workers and their dependents are significantly more likely to be diagnosed with depression and asthma.
  • According to a recent survey from AMN Healthcare, 22% of nurses hold more than one job, and 37% of these nurses say that doing so “negatively affects their quality of life.” 
  • Since 2012, approximately 60,000 nurses have been retiring each year. One survey found that 20% of nurses are planning to retire in the next five years, and 86% of Baby Boomer nurses say they will be retiring in that same time span. Low pay and the 24/7 schedule makes it hard to attract new talent to the field. And with more workers retiring, the consulting firm Mercer projects there will be a shortage of 446,300 home health aides by 2025.

Wellness affects more than the health of our workers, it affects the health of our businesses.

  • Wellness programs improve absenteeism as well as presenteeism – the act of coming into work sick.
  • Wellness programs allow employers to offer a competitive package of benefits to attract and retain employees. 
  • Wellness programs can help reduce long-term health care costs.
  • Wellness programs can maintain or improve employee morale.